2018 Topps Garbage Pail Kids We Hate The 80s Hobby Box

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Configuration: 8 cards per pack. 24 packs per box. The Garbage Pail Kids are skewering the iconic decade from which they were born! “We Hate the ‘80s” features all-new art, parodying cartoons, toys, TV, films, video games, fashion & more, broken down into genre-specific subsets. BASE STICKERS 180 Themed Base Sticker Cards with 90 A & B names featuring all-new art! Parallels: Puke – 1 Per Pack, Retail & Display Box Only Bruised – 1 Per Hobby Collector Pack Only Spit #’d to 99 – Hobby Collector Only BLOODY NOSE #’d to 75 – Hobby Collector Only Fool’s Gold – #’d to 50 INSERT STICKERS‘80s Wax Pack Parodies – New Wacky Packages-styled classic Topps wrap parodies, featuring GPK characters! Hobby Collector Only AUTOGRAPHS, PATCHES & SKETCH CARDS Artist Autograph Cards Printing Plates Sketch Cards – Randomly Inserted in Display Box Packs Shaped Sketch Cards – Hobby Collector Only Double Artist Panoramic Sketch Cards – Hobby Collector Only Patch Cards – Hobby Collector Only



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