Sustainable Klamath

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“Green & Green”
A Proposal for our Future

Every once in a great while, great movements and great ideas combine to form an unbeatable formula for success and the creation of wealth for our citizens. KCEDA/TEAM Klamath believe we have found an outstanding formula with what we are calling our “Green & Green” Campaign.

Oregon Center for Health Professions
Oregon Center for Health Professions

If you happened to catch either The Governor’s State of the State or The President’s State of the Union address, then you are aware of the bi-partisan support for sustainability.

An outstanding “niche” in the ever competitive and ever changing field of economic development is in the red hot field of Sustainability (also known among various terms such as renewable resources, alternative energy, etc.)

Sustainability may be the most exciting new tool in economic development since the advent of the internet, and it has major positive implications and advantages for the Klamath area.

Merle West Medical Center
Merle West Medical Center

The singular best aspect about sustainability is its totality. Indeed in a county such as Klamath, with its vast resource potential, it could define us throughout the state and the country. Sustainability is medicalwith our Merle West Hospital and educational with OIT through geo-heat, agricultural and rural with bio-diesel and ethanol, urban with the City’s geo-heat district and public facilities utilizing it, and housing with energy efficiency, homeland securitythrough the Backscatter possibility, and most germane to KCEDA, sustainability is economic development which includes all of the above and also incorporates proven sustainable companies such as IFA Seedling, Collins Pine, and Liskey Farms to name just a few.

We should also remember that every drop of energy we “good guys” make is one we don’t have to pay to potential “bad guys”.

KCEDA and TEAM Klamath, would like to continue these efforts through various economic endeavors that would relate to marketing to and recruitment of sustainable economic development. This would include but not be limited to agricultural endeavors that might assist the Klamath Basin in water savings and alternative crops (what is “greener” than agriculture?); recruiting those companies that either want to make or utilize sustainability (ie wind, solar manufacturing, green houses), and act as an agent throughout Klamath to help educate our own citizens on sustainability.

In conclusion we believe sustainability has one more positive and practical aspect–whether one is for sustainability to save the planet or make a buck–it is both “green”–as in reducing global warming and “green”–as in saving/making money. Sustainability makes both sense and cent$.

KCEDA/TEAM Klamath believes Klamath could be and should be the “Sustainability Capital of the World”.

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