Live Web Cameras

1. Highway 58 at Willamette Pass
RoadCam - ORE58 at Willamette Pass
2. Highway 97 at Chemult
RoadCam - ORE97 at Chemult
3. Highway 97 at LaPine
RoadCam - ORE97 at LaPine
4. Highway 138 at Diamond Lake
RoadCam - ORE 138 at Diamond Lake
KCEDA Webcam Map
5. Highway 97 in Klamath Falls
RoadCam - ORE97 at Klamath Falls
6. Highway 140 at Lake of the Woods
RoadCam - ORE140 at Lake of the Woods
7. Plum Hill in Klamath Falls
Plum Hill, Klamath Falls, Oregon
8. Highway 140 at Bly Mountain
RoadCam - ORE140 at Bly Mountain

Use the web cams to check the current weather
conditions and happenings at locations around
Klamath County. Click an image to see a larger version.